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Attended by 400 people, DPW is the world’s largest digital procurement conference attracting the entire digital procurement ecosystem from enterprise to big tech, startups, investors/VCs, industry analysts, press and bloggers – representing every sector of the industry. No other procurement conference brings this audience together.

No other conference is bringing this group of people together.

DPW attracts a group of digital minded executives and professionals from all levels including:

  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Digital and IT
  • VCs/Angels
  • Innovators & startups
  • Media & press

Wednesday, 18th September, 2019: 8am – 5pm; DPW Bash: From 7pm
Thursday, 19th September, 2019: 8am – 5pm

DPW19 will take place in Amsterdam on 18th & 19th September, 2019

Venue: Beurs van Berlage
Address: Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yes. Here is a list of recommended hotels with preferential rates we negotiated for you. In order to qualify for these prices, rooms need to be booked through the above link.


DPW is programmed by a highly regarded advisory board and panel of digital procurement experts to deliver decision-informing news and thought-provoking analysis. To find out who is part of the DPW2019 advisory board, check digitalprocurementworld.com

The draft agenda is available here and will be available on the DPW app for registered attendees closer to the event.

Yes, slides will be available post-event to all registered DPW attendees.

There is no specific dress code for DPW. If you are unsure, we recommend business casual, but please ensure you are comfortable.

Yes. Login information will be available when you arrive at DPW.

The only hashtag for the whole event is #DPW2019. Feel free to use it.

The name of the company that owns Digital Procurement World is DPW/Matthias Gutzmann (trading as Digital Procurement World).

Huntorpstrasse 14
28259 Bremen

Tel: +1 646 775 0204
Email: hello@digitalprocurementworld.com

Registration Name: DPW/Matthias Gutzmann
Place of Registration: Bremen, Germany
Registered Office Address: Huntorpstrasse 14, 28259 Bremen, Germany
Contact Telephone Number: 1 646 775 0204
Email: hello@digitalprocurementworld.com

We do! You can download it here.



There is no need to print your ticket. You will register on arrival to DPW using our event app, which is released closer to the conference date.

If you are interested in speaking or would like to submit a speaker submission, please email keynote@digitalprocurementworld.com

Content has to be original, new, or adjusted for DPW.

We offer all sorts of turnkey and custom sponsorship and partnership opportunities to connect with hundreds of attendees, and the thousands of people who watch our DPW content year-round.

You can view our prospectus here. Get in touch, and let’s figure out what we can do together: partners@digitalprocurementworld.com


For information on investors at Digital Procurement World, please contact investors@digitalprocurementworld.com.


Yes, you can order tickets now and assign the names later.

Yes, we offer discounts on tickets. If you’re looking to score a DPW ticket on the cheap, make sure you subscribe to our email list (you can do it here) or follow us on social media to stay in the loop about potential flash sales. Make sure you register before our scheduled price increases as well and take advantage of group discounts.

We also offer the following corporate group discounts (complimentary tickets):

  • 1 for every 3 paid registrations
  • 2 for every 5 paid registrations
  • 3 for every 7 paid registrations

For questions, please contact: delegates@digitalprocurementworld.com

No, we don’t sell one-day tickets. Your ticket gives you the full DPW experience from 18-19 September, 2019.

You can find your invoice in your ticket confirmation email. You would have received this after you purchased the ticket.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds after the 14 day cooling off period, but will issue a 90% credit voucher for the price paid for registration, if notification is sent via email to hello@digitalprocurementworld.com at least eight (8) days prior to the event. You can transfer the ticket to someone else in your group. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

No, each ticket is valid to be used by one person only for the duration of the conference.

To comply with EU law (Article 53 & 54 of the VAT Directive, to be specific!), we must charge VAT in the country where the event takes place.


One key mission of DPW is to connect CPOs and their teams with emerging startups. Through our startup accelerator, RiSE, we will select 20 startups to attend our Amsterdam conference in September. Those 20 startups will have the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit to 300 digital procurement leaders
  • Meet investors and other founders
  • Pitch to 300 leaders during DEMO

If you are not selected to attend our Amsterdam conference, you will still be part of the DPW startup community and be promoted to thousands of procurement professionals (attendees and non-attendees of our Amsterdam conference) who want to get to know you.

Here are our 3 key activities for startups attending our 2019 conference:

1. Startup Alley

20 startups will have the opportunity to showcase their product at demo booths at the designated Startup Alley. Due to the central location of the area, Startup Alley is constantly busy, which makes it an exceptional opportunity to attract the attention of potential clients, sponsors, media, and of course investors and other founders.


Out of the 20 attending startups, the top 10 startups will get to present in front of experienced investors and hundreds of attendees, battling it out for a chance to be crowned winner of the DPW2019 DEMO competition.

3. Meet other founders and investors

We will offer dedicated sessions and networking opportunities designed and organized to cater only startups and founders attending DPW.

A startup pass is for companies that are aiming for aggressive growth with a scalable business model. The pass requires application.

We allow two types of startups to apply and attend our Amsterdam conference:

Early Stage Startups:

  • $100k-$1M in annual revenue
  • $1M-$5M in total funding
  • An awesome product
  • Your founders and/or CEO will be present at DPW2019


  • $1M-$5M in annual revenue
  • $5M-$25M in total funding
  • An awesome product
  • Your founders and/or CEO will be present at DPW2019

Once your application has been accepted, you can buy this ticket type.

Digital Procurement World is about showcasing procurement technology innovations and giving startups a voice. “Procurement technology” is obviously open to a variety of interpretations. We are looking for innovations enabling procurement to fundamentally transform the ability of the function to deliver more value including advances in big data analytics, robotics, AI, visualization, collaboration networks, crowdsourcing, blockchain, virtual reality, 3D printing, and so on.

7 minutes on stage in front of the entire event audience to demo (no slides or canned video allowed) your latest and greatest technology – i.e. a highly focused opportunity to showcase your value proposition and new innovation to the entire audience.

Yes. Organizing an event of this size and quality is expensive. Thus, we ask that the attending startups help share some of the cost with us. The price for attending startups is low and only a fraction of traditional conference sponsorships:

Early Stage Startups: 2,450 EUR + VAT
Scaleups: 3,450 EUR + VAT

The 20 startups that are chosen to attend our Amsterdam conference in September will be handpicked based solely on their written application. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not have time to speak to applicants on the phone or go through product demos. Applicants should ensure the application is filled out as completely as possible. The general selection criteria is as follows:

Novelty: How new is the product/feature being shown?
Innovativeness: How original is the approach? How big of a technological/logical leap does it make?
Potential: How much potential does it have to make a big impact?
Wow/X/Cool factor: Does it make us sit up and take notice?
Diversity: How many other companies in the same “space” are competing for a spot?

Please fill out the online application. Include as much detail as possible in your application as we will be basing our selection decision upon it. We may also request additional information from you if we feel it would be helpful to our process. Please note that all information submitted during the application process is strictly confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone. The link to the online application is here.

There are selected prescheduled 1-to-1 meetings between startups and investors. You will also have the chance to get in touch with all investors through the DPW app, available closer to the date of the conference.


Investor Pass is for investors who make direct investments in startups or venture capital funds – VCs, CVCs, Angels, LPs and M&A Investors. Please email investors@digitalprocurementworld.com for more information.

You can find a list of all participating startups here.


No, we are not doing or encouraging illegal activities at DPW.

A hackathon is a sprint-like event in which procurement experts, developers and UX/UI designers from established companies, startups and universities will collaborate intensively to create the newest and best procurement processes and/or technology in 24 hours.

Participating in the hackathon is free of charge.

Anyone with an innovative mindset is welcome to participate. Whether you are a seasoned procurement professional, a student or a startup, everyone is welcome to participate.

Nope. This hackathon is not focused on code. The challenges aim to find innovative solutions for procurement and supply chain issues.

There is space for 8 teams. Teams consisting of three to seven can compete.

No worries, all participants will have time to find a team in weeks leading up to ProcureHack, and we will also have team formation activities during our event.

Find your answer here“ and to link it to the specific place in Terms and Conditions.

Every participant has to bring his laptop with charging cable, all other necessary work equipment will be provided on-site.

Yes! Here is why you should sponsor a hackathon:

  • SUPER targeted PR – your target user base discusses, develops, and innovates technology right in front of you
  • Market your brand and technology to developers, engineers and DPW attendees
  • Access the talent, technology, and use cases developed onsite at DPW
  • You’ll learn how to run a hackathon and can organize one yourself in the future
  • Create buzz around the conference and announce the „ProcureHack“ winner on the main stage
  • Sponsor something new and exciting!

Please also check http://www.digitalprocurementworld.com/hackathon/

Email us at partners@digitalprocurementworld.com for more information.


Yes. The DPW conference app is your go-to guide for navigating DPW. View and manage your agenda, keep up with all the major events, and learn more about all of the amazing activities at DPW.

To log into the app, you must be registered for this year’s DPW conference.


The Heart of Procurement Innovation

16-17 September, 2020 – Amsterdam


Follow the action #DPW2020 on all social channels to get real-time updates:

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